VENETIANS BRISBANE, Aluminium shutters Brisbane

Our venetians in Brisbane are manufactured to suit any opening from doorways to windows. They provide maximum ventilation and light when open and complete privacy when shut with the ability to be lowered and raised to suit your needs. They come in aluminium, timber and timber composite.

TIMBER -Suits traditional, contemporary, or modern homes. Timber venetians can be lacquered, oiled or lime washed. Slates are 4mm in thickness. They have solid timber colours and are are finished with matching timber pelmets face mounted or in the window reveal.

TIMBER COMPOSITE -Provides the same properties as timber with a pre-finished surface for easy clean and maintenance free use. Excellent in wet areas and reasonably priced.

ALUMINIUM  (Aluminium shutters Brisbane) – A contemporary look in your home and/or office, they come in an array of colours, metallic finishes and wood grain looks. They can be fitted on the face or in the window reveal and raised or lowered by a wand or cord operation to suit your light, ventilation and privacy requirements.